Session: Baptized In Fire

Arriving at the Domain, I park my car on the street and walk into the Yard House for a drink. It’s been a while since I’ve been at the Domain, everything is upscale and there are a ton of people out here. I can get used to this. I spot Glasco walking in about six feet tall maybe, 230lbs, Mohawk haircut, and the grin of somebody out to prove something. “Let’s get out of here, I’m too underdressed for this spot,” he tells me in his Baylor athletic gear. I look around and see the waiters in dress attire and even the waitress was dressed to impress. “Alright I got you,” I said while laughing and proceeded to down my drink. Walking around the Domain with its open areas, fancy buildings, dogs, and beautiful women fueled my adrenaline rush. “This feels like an adult play pen,” I told Glasco in excitement. “Basically,” he responded with a smirk. “So many fine women out here and they all love a young nigga with a Mohawk.” I can’t control my laughter. “Do they now? How do you pace yourself?” I ask playfully as we walk into The Culinary Dropout and order drinks at the bar. “I pull and I pull well,” he continues. “But I could be pulling more. Anyway, catch me up. I have not seen you since like 2011.”

“Alright, you are basically the Goku to my Vegata, my arch rival,” Glasco says as we walk towards his apartment. “Damn, I’m already making rivals?” I reply with a skeptical look. “You have so much talent and it’s all natural. Completely unrefined, whereas I have had to bust my ass all my life. I hate people like you,” he says tongue in cheek. “Well, you’re not all wrong but I would say I half assed most of my life,” I say with a wide smirk. “Since I have half assed everything, imagine what I will do when I actually go all out and devote myself,” Glasco’s eyes beamed open. “That’s exactly what I was about to say! Okay, I think we are on the same page.” “We should learn from each other, ya know? I’m a free spirited dreamer. I can be creative and pretty abstract when I want to be but I lack proper focus and get bored easily. Whereas you are extremely driven and dedicated, but lack imagination and creative stimulation.” I tell him confidently. “Well shit, you made me a believer. So you are saying…”, he pauses to analyze my assessment. “ We are ying and yang?” “No ,no, Goku and Vegata!” I interrupt, leading to a shared laughter.

As I walked into Glasco’s apartment a very large and fluffy dog approached me. “This must be Yoshi!” I say while petting his fluffy head.

yoshi 1

“Yeah that’s him. Let me get changed and then we can roll out.” On the balcony was another guy on a laptop, smoking weed out of a pipe. “What’s up?” I ask him as I step on the balcony. The view was beautiful on this sunny day and I could see a large amount of the Domain. “Forex trading,” he responds. “My name is Led.” Led had shaggy dark hair, a dirty stache and couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. “Nice to meet you. You know my brother Dax?” I ask. “Yeah, that’s your brother? I fuck with Dax heavy,” he responds. Glasco comes out of his room wearing black pants even skinnier than mine, a black shirt with holes in it like the ones Kanye West rips, a black dad hat that read “Yeezus” and a flashy leopard print suit jacket. That jacket is my life! “That fucking jacket is so live. My heart is beating out of my chest,” I tell him as excitement rushed through my body. “Kerrington, what the fuck are you talking about? Come on, let me show you how Yoshi gets da bitches and then we can get stuff for tonight.”

Glasco was not lying about his dog Yoshi, we barely made it out of the apartment before women approached.

yoshi 2

“YOUR DOG IS SO CUTE! What type of dog is he? He is so fluffy,” they ask. By the time we made it to my car, I counted 17 girls had stopped us to check Yoshi out. “This jacket is too hot,” Glasco bitched while Yoshi dragged him to the dog park. “Let me rock it,” I tell him. “You just want to be me don’t you?” he responds while handing me jacket. It fit me perfectly. “Maybe. Fair warning though, I think it looks better on me than you!” he laughs at my remark. After letting Yoshi play with another dog for a while, we get in my car and head to HEB.

Achoo! Gnarrrr! Swish! Hughhh! Glasco’s allergies hit him hard. “You alright?” I ask him after the noises continue. “ Shit week for allergies, but yeah I’m fine,” he tells me as another round of allergies kicked in. I couldn’t take the noises anymore and we rush inside the HEB. “Alright let’s get Claritin and champagne. The essentials for any new year’s party,” I joke with him. Waiting in the champagne tasting line, I noticed he grabbed the kid’s Claritin and told him he should probably take two instead of just one pill. He ponders at the box and then pops four. All I can do is laugh at him taking way more than he should. “That’s an awesome looking Jacket you’re wearing,” the lady serving champagne, tells me. “Oh my God!” Glasco says in disbelief. “Thank you, look good feel good, ya know?” I tell the serving lady. With a smile, she asks for my ID before she can give me champagne. “How old do I look?” I ask her while handing my ID. “Ummm about 18 or 19,” she says before realizing I’m 24. “Oh wow I was off.” She retracts and hands us both a taster for champagne. “Guess you look old as fuck Glasco. She didn’t even bother with you,” I chastise him. She was super quick to apologize, not knowing I was only playing. “Whatever, I’m going to get some crown, you get the champagne and coke and I’ll meet you at the car,” Glasco says as he walked out.

I picked up two bottles of champagne and headed towards my car. “Sexy jacket,” a woman says as she passes by me. “Thank you,” I replied while I looked at Glasco who was shaking his head. “Alright, give me my shit back. I’m the unicorn and you’re done jacking my swag,” Glasco tells me as he gets into the car. Unicorn? “Sorry man, I make unicorns look like show ponies.” I laughed. “Your dog is so cute!” A lady in the car parked next to me shouts out the window.

yoshi 3

“What kind of dog is he?” “His name is Yoshi and he is an Akita,” I tell her with a smile as I get into my car. I could see Glasco rolling his eyes through my peripherals. “Alright, so there’s indeed a party we can go to, or we can roll downtown, or hit the domain tonight.” Glasco sneezed out. “I’m going with the flow man, but I’m all about house parties,” I reply to him. “Bet, lets hit up your brother and we can roll out later tonight.”

“Don’t let me drink alone Glasco,” I say to him as he tries to run away from the shot of vodka. ”I really don’t want to, but I won’t leave you behind,” Glasco responds. We drink the shot with instant regret and I manage to keep my gag reflex down. I decide to switch it up, and we pour up the crown and coke. “Alright peep game,” Glasco said while popping more Claritin and chasing it down with crown, “I’ll let you rock the maroon jacket and the rose gold time piece. Just return it and I don’t mean “black people” return it 2 weeks later. You, your brother and me dressed in black with color jackets. This is not for the fan of Elvis.” I could hardly stop laughing or better yet argue. As we poured more crown, Led and another guy walk into the apartment. He can’t be older than 18.

The young kid pulls out his grinder, loads the water bong and passed me the greens. I’m almost at my level… A little bit wouldn’t hurt. As the flame from the lighter kissed the weed, my legs began to tingle. “Keep up Kerrington!” Glasco orders while filling my cup with more crown and coke. Before I knew it, the bottle of Crown Royal was almost empty and I was definitely feeling good. The three of them continued to talk about forex trading, which was way over my head. I’m too drunk to understand what they’re talking about. Led handed me the bong again, with another freshly loaded bowl and I continued to indulge myself. Walking into the bathroom, I changed into my black button down and put on my sharpest shoes. The rose gold watch was a nice addition and the red jacket gave my look a nice flair. I picked my afro and shaped it before heading back out to the living room.

My brother arrives and we exchanged pleasantries. “Kerrington is the slowest drinker,” Glasco states. I grabbed my cup and downed the practically full cup of crown and coke. “Let’s finish the bottle then!” I demanded. My famous last words. Maybe I should slow it down. Glasco refills both of our cups, emptying the bottle of crown, and I chug the half cup down without any mixer and dust my shoulder off. “One more before we hit for the road?” Led asks me with the bong in his hand. “Fuck it,” I say and light the greens. A small hit so that I could function, yet everything turned black.

Where are we? The only question I could ask myself when my eyes opened. With blurred vision I realize that I am in the back seat of my brother’s car. My phone read 8:30 PM as Dax parked the car outside the house where the party was at. I feel it coming. “Alright leggo!” Glasco says with excitement. “You guys go on, I’ll be there in a minute,” I say desperately from the back seat. “ Oh my God. Kerrington get your ass up!” He demands from the outside the car. “Go on, I’m not going to make it,” I manage to say as the world is turning upside down. The spins!!….you’re dying Khill. Where is your resolve? Dax looks at me skeptically. “I guess we will crack the windows down for you. Later.” “Lil bitch!” Glasco adds as they both walk towards the house.

While both of them are out of sight, I search for my resolve. You talk big game, get out of the fucking car and back it up! With all my effort, I finally place my hand on the door handle. On three open the door. ONE! My eyes try to focus on the handle to slow the spinning. TWO! My fingers pull on the handle. THREE! I push the door open and vomit spews from my mouth onto the asphalt. I shut the door, close my eyes, and lean my body back into the seat.

Phone home to the moon, did you change your number? If and when you get this message, need you back home. KHill, KHill, KHill, KHill-back home KHill, we need you, come home-back home KHill, KHill, shit’s fucked, come home. As I opened my eyes, I realized I dozed off, but for how long. I picked up my phone. 11:55PM!?!?!? Wait the party! Fuck! I grabbed my bottle of champagne and burst out the car, passing my brother who was on a longboard, I head inside the house party.

PART 2 SESSION: Girls Born in the 90’s

Editor: Amanda Greigo

Featured Guest: Glasco Martin IV

Written by: Kerrington

Spotify Playlist: Baptized in Fire


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