Session: Girls Born in The 90’s

“Five, four, three, two, one!” the party goers counted down and begun to celebrate the New Year. Well I made it in time, pretty trashed. Still gathering my bearings and senses, I made my way through the dance floor and into the kitchen area. In the midst of the packed house filled with people in fresh clothes and outfits, one girl stood out-the red haired woman in the red dress. The dress was loud and the curls in her hair made my knees weak. I am smitten. The kitchen was pretty crowded too and there were used solo cups and bottles on every table, counter top and even around the sink. Furthering the clutter, there was a spread of food from sandwiches and grilled meats to assortments of fruit, chips, dips and a giant bowl of Chex mix. “Want to play beer pong?” A random guy asks me. “Yeah I’m down. Fair warning though, I used to be top five in the world,” I boasted while filling up my cups. I cant make shit. After 2 minutes neither of us had made a shot and I called the game off. “I am too drunk to play beer pong and you’re just….. well, bad,” I told him. His face filled with laughter and he put his hand on my shoulder. “You talk a lot of shit for somebody fresh out of high school,” I know I’ve been drinking but did he just say “high school?” “High school?” I responded. “Yeah aren’t you Dax’s lil brother? He said you were being shy and slept in the car. Don’t worry about it man. It’s just nerves,” I popped open my bottle of champagne in my hand and took a pull. Oddly enough, the champagne helped settle my stomach. “I’m 24 ya goof,” I told him with a laugh. “What!? You look 18! My bad brother.” “No worries,” I said while checking the Ohio State score. Thirty-One to Zero. My jaw dropped to the ground and I headed outside to make a phone call.

“Hello?” Taylor answered. ”What happened to our team?!” I asked hysterically. “I don’t know Kerrington, I couldn’t even finish the game. I’m so upset right now. OSU is making me drink so much to feel better,” she said with a sexy cadence in her voice. “Well, you are getting married soon. Are you ready?” I ask her.” YES! I am so ready. A lot of nervous energy, but that’s expected right?” She says excitedly. “Yeah, this is a major event in your life and I want you to know that I support you, 100%. Tell Jakob I said congrats too and thank him for his service. I’ll mail you a wedding gift too. Anyway, Happy New Years pal, I gotta keep drinking too,” I hung up the phone and took a deep pull of the champagne and poured out a drink for the fallen. Looking at my phone, I decide to call back Woody, whose call I missed last week. “Yo, what the fuck is up?” Woody asked excitedly. “I’m posted up. Happy New Years, man!” I respond. “Happy New Years! You know, I gotta say thank you. If we didn’t talk, I would have joined the military by now and been miserable. That’s not me, ya know?” he says while people argued in the background. “Yeah I know man. Better men than you or me serve for this country. So what is next?” I ask him. “YO SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!” he yells at somebody through the phone. He hung up before I could respond, I only heard him arguing with the person driving the car he was in. Well, don’t die tonight. I took another pull of champagne and headed back inside.

The party had not skipped a beat as people were conversing in the hallways, dancing in bedrooms and on the dance floor. I ignored the snorting noses coming from the bathroom and went to the living room. The dance floor was alive and there were balloons on the ground. “Rain drops, drop top!” the people shouted on the floor. I can see my brother towering over the crowd with a royal crown on his head and silver beads around his neck. Glasco was in the corner with a prayer pose while somebody took pictures of him.


Looks like everybody is feeling themselves tonight. On my way towards Glasco, a large man approached with a beer bong. Eye contact was the only communication required and I downed the alcohol like a college frat daddy. That was strong… and not beer. “Vodka….Soda?” I asked him, unsure what I had just drunk. He began to sing, “Rolling down the street, smoking indo, sippin’ on gin and juice!” “Laid back!” I finished for him.

As acquainted played through the speakers, the party took a much chiller-upbeat vive. My vision began to refocus as I came-to from blacking out. The bottle of champagne in my hand was empty, more people had joined the living room to converse, and I had been drawn to the giant bowl of Chex Mix. “A big Weeknd fan, eh?” A voice asks me. How long have we been talking? The woman in the red dress was standing in front of me with a pulsing, green aura. Her curled strawberry red hair was a fantastic sight and her light blue eyes completed the package. “I wouldn’t want to talk about that blow out either if I was you,” she teased and winked at me. “I’m not trying to talk at all, just tryna love you crazy,” I responded, causing a smile to connect her flushed dimples. As she briefly turns around, I admire the tone of her calves, the curves flaunted through the cherry colored dress, and the strawberry hair running down her neck. She turns and greets me with mischievous eyes and places a red champagne flute in my hand. “Put some more inside your cup,” she prescribes me and then proceeds to overflow my flute with a new bottle of bubbly. “And drink til you numb the pain.” We toast and then down our glasses. I ’ma fall in love until you leave me. She refills our flutes and reaches for the buttons on my shirt. “You got me touching on your body,” she said while rubbing my chest. “Your pendant is beautiful. Do you always wear it?” she asked while curiosity takes the wheel and her hand runs through my afro. “Pretty much,” I respond. “It makes me feel good.”

The bright flash from a camera startles me and I realize I have moved.

group pic

“That’s the first time you have not worn those sunglasses all day,” Glasco tells me. “I won’t make that mistake again,” I said as I put my sunnies back on. “You know, I’m so disappointed in you. How you gonna stay in the car?” asks Glasco as he sizes me up. “Listen, I caught the spins. At least I made it before midnight. I rallied like a motherfucker!” I said emphatically. “You got the spins? I didn’t realize that. Well then, you have been pretty interactive tonight considering.” “Yeah, I come back like 32.” “What the fuck are you talking about?” “Like Magic Johnson. #32.” “Oh, whatever. Face the camera, we look icy.” The camera flashes were much tamer through my shades and I was getting back to my zone.

3 in one

“What were you praying for earlier?” I asked Glasco. “I was praying for my enemies, for they know not what they have done. Now you pray,” he tells me. I put my hand together and take a deep breath, “I know I’m so far gone, but they can thank me later when the smoke settles,” I begin to pray to the Six God while Glasco hypes me up with adlibs. “I’ll take care of my affairs and then dip out. After that the women will tell me nothing was the same, but they’re just views in the Maserati rear view mirror as I write more of my life!” I finished to Glasco’s approval.

“You know how to get into my apartment right? I’m going back with this girl,” Glasco tells me out side of the party. “Glasco, bring your unicorn dick over here!” a woman demands from inside a car. Unicorn dick?!? Glasco doesn’t think twice and he turns around to get into a car with two girls and a guy. “Yeah, I remember the code. Catch you later.” I got in my brother’s car and before I knew it, I was on 6th street. “What are we doing here?” I calmly ask Daxon. “Picking up my girl from this bar. I told you that on the way down here,” he said. I need to stop drinking. I looked around and noticed some food trucks down the street. “Bet, well you get her, I am going to grab some food.” The first food truck served typical fast food; burgers, fried food, and patty melts, while the other food truck served Mexican food.  With no hesitation I walked up to the Mexican truck and ordered shredded chicken tacos. How else to start the year. The tacos were a decent size and I was amazed with how fast they came out. I took a Texas sized bite and the flavorful chicken, lettuce, queso fresco, and avocado brought a smile to my face. “You sure look happy. What did you get?” a woman asked. “Shredded chicken tacos,” I replied. “You can’t go wrong with tacos to bring in the New Year.” I watched as her eyes lit up as if she had an epiphany. “You’re so right!” She got out of the burger line, ordered at the taco truck and then approached me. She had long dark hair, drunken green eyes with specs of gold, and a fair face with a bruise on her cheekbone that she tried to conceal with make-up. Another bruise on her forearm. She wore all white from her deep cut blouse, that didn’t leave much for imagination, to her ripped white pants and matching shoes. “I like your hair,” she said with a curious smile. She’s going to touch your hair. Direct her attention elsewhere. “Thank you, I like your eyes. They are the same color as my necklace,” I said while holding my pendant by my thumb. Her eyes averted from my hair and she marveled at my half piece pendant. She grabbed her food and then returned to where I was sitting and sat next to me. “So what did you do tonight, Mr. Smooth talker?”

For as slow as my night had been, she could not help but laugh at some of the detail. Then again, the group of people eves dropping on our conversation also shared laughs. “Get in the fucking cab!” a voice yelled at from behind me. I turned around and saw a man hastily approaching. “I’m sorry,” she whispered to me. The woman stood up and the guy grabbed her arm recklessly. I see now, why you have bruises. The food plate in her hand splattered on her blouse as he pushed her towards the cab. But….. I can’t be your hero. I stood up and walked back to Dax’s car without looking back.

“That guy in the club probably spent $200 on drinks for us tonight and none of us went home with him,” one of the girls laughed in the back of the car. “Straight up finesse,” another added. The girls laughed the whole ride back to the domain, and I couldn’t blame them. They caught him slipping. “Later,” I said to Dax as I got out the car and headed inside Glasco’s apartment complex.

Glasco was laying down on his bed when I walked in his room and Yoshi was on the floor.

yoshi 4

“What happened to your girl, Unicorn dick?” I asked him. “Women just give me those names, you can imagine why. Unicorn dick. Cockannosaurus. So don’t hoe me………… Both girls went home with that other guy,” he said in a deflated tone. “But I can ask you the same question. What happened to you and the girl in the red dress?” My eyes opened wide as I pictured her face. I didn’t even ask for her number. “I barely even remember what we talked about. How long was I talking to her?” Glasco shook his head in disappointment. “Nigga almost the entire party. Well for the time you were there. I should have took her from you if you were just gonna blow it. Whatever, I’d be damned if I didn’t get ass on New Years,” he said while scrolling through his phone contacts. “Okay, I’m going to see what your neighbors are up to. Sounds like an after party.”

As soon as I knock, the door swings open and a woman cheerfully greets me. “Why hello there,” she says with a smile that reminded me of my own teeth. She was no taller than 5’5” with glossy brown hair and had grey-ish blue eyes that were interesting enough. “Hi, my name is Kerrington and I am staying next door. It sounds like a good time over here,” I said with a similar smile. “It is a good time, come in!” she says ecstatically. Immediately she opens the fridge and thrusts an unopened bottle of champagne in my hands. Turn up then. Walking through the apartment, I notice a couple on the couch making out, one girl laying on the bed talking on the phone and an older man in the kitchen. Her boyfriend?


“You’re looking pretty fly. What did you get into tonight?” she asks as her eyes search me. “I was doing me tonight, going with the flow,” I respond and then undress her with my own eyes. “Oh yeah? I can tell by your style and the snapchat sunglasses,” she said curiously. I laugh at the comment I hear too often. “Snapchat stole my swag,” her eyes scanned my body once again. “You should let me take pictures of you,” she told me. “Well aren’t you fast?” I teased her. She laughed and said “Seriously, you look photogenic.” “Alright, I need some Instagram pics,” I said and handed her my phone.

She stood on a chair and started to take photos. “This feels like a photo-shoot,” I tell her. “Yeah don’t be shy, work it,” I started to loosen up and the next thing I know, I have over 20 photos on my phone.


The older guy started ranting about how he is too old to use social media. “How old are you?” I ask him. “I’m 35,” he responds. “Woah, your boyfriends a Iot older than you,“ I joke with the girl.  She looks at me in disbelief, “Oh, he isn’t my boyfriend. I just met him tonight. And I am 26, so I guess there is a bit of difference.” Age aint nothing but a number.  I took a deep pull of the champagne and we continued to talk about our nights and music until I got tired. “It was nice to meet you all, I’m going to head out now,” I tell the group in the apartment. “Thanks for hanging out. You should come back tomorrow morning, and we can drink more champagne!” The woman tells me on my way out. I don’t think I can drink anymore for a long time.

At Glasco’s apartment door, I notice an older woman walking up behind me. “Hello,” I say while opening the door for her. Her black dress was skin tight and there was only one thing on her mind at 4:00 am. You must be the booty call. “Hello there,” she says nervously. Glasco came out of his room shirt off and in compression shorts. The woman apparently knew the drill, and walked into his room while he grabbed her ass. Alright go ahead and say something funny Glasco. “Coffee tomorrow,” Glasco tells me to my surprise. “What?” I respond. “Tomorrow, we get coffee and get to work. Enough play for one night.” I lay down on the couch and think about how this day went. The sound of the headboard banging was rapid but eventually my eyes stayed close and dozed off.

“Let’s get some Ihop and coffee,” Glasco said as he woke me up on the couch. Somehow I woke up without a hangover and proceeded to change clothes. When we arrived at Ihop, I accidentally parked my car in two spots. “That is the worse parking job I have ever seen. You just don’t give a fuck,” Glasco says while laughing at me. “Not really, shit happens,” I respond as we head inside. “So what is up with your baby momma?” I ask him after we order our food. “Courts right now man. Courts and child support,” he responds with his head up. “That’s rough man,” I tell him. A child would fuck up my life so hard. Only I have that right. “I always think that things would be so much easier, if both parents worked together and just focused on the kid, ya know? Set aside whatever beef and help each other out as the kid grows up,” he began to shake his head at me and then said, “That’s a sweet dream, but it rarely ever works out like that I’ve learned. We’ve both tried, I even bought a ring thinking I was going to settle down and marry her. Ya know, be the standup father-husband and grow together. But I hate to be controlled. She hated my ambitions, and we fell apart faster than we got together.” What do I even say to all that? “That’s rough man, I’m sorry,” was the only thing I could manage to say. “Nah, I don’t need pity. This whole ordeal has made me stronger, smarter. She was smarter than me, knew the court system, how to manipulate this whole situation in her favor. I underestimated her, but never again. That’s why I have been picking up book after book after book. I will be better. Another reason why I want to get into blogging, I have made all of the mistakes. I want to educate people so they don’t do the same things I did in life.” He pulled out his laptop and began to work on his trading. “Well, if you grind, then I will do the same,” I told him as I pulled out my notebook. Glasco examined my writing process and said, “That’s it? I expected a creative person do have all these rituals before they put pen to paper.” “Nope,” I respond. “I just have to actually sit down and do it before I get distracted.”

the end

Editor: Amanda Greigo

Featured Guest: Glasco Martin IV

Written by: Kerrington

Spotify Playlist: Girls Born in The 90’s

Title Namesake: Girls Born in The 90’s

Part 1 of the story: Session: Baptized In Fire


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