Deep Dive Interaction


I want to interact with fans of the blog because we are in this together. The blog will only go as far as you guys/girls take it. So, I thought it would be fun to have an account (CLICK HERE) where we can have interaction. Dont hold back on the questions! I will try to answer them as well as possible so nobody feels left out. Ask me whatever from my favorite color to why I cuss so much haha. Once we hit a milestone, such as 500 views or 1000 views, I will create a post giving you guys updates on how the blog is progressing and I will put the Q&A’s on the page. Speaking of milestones, we are only 100 views from reaching 500 views! This is only a few days after the release of the Labor Day post. Pretty incredible people. Anyway, thanks a lot. Keep floating the river.

-Venandi Leon


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