Behind the Madness: The Zone with the Tiger


Back for the first time and the whole squad is here with me. I’m telling another story that nobody will relate to and along with my second session release, here is my second installment of Behind the Madness. The creative process for this chapter was a little bit different. Since I actually took notes of this experience on my phone the same day two years ago, I had a bunch of material on deck that I might have forgotten. The outline of this session was pretty simple 14 sequence episode over the course of two consecutive days. Once I made the outline, I then outlined each sequence and began to write. Shout out to University of Texas’ Teaching Assistant Miss J for enhancing my writing technique back in 2013.


First off, I was not sure how long to wait before releasing another session but people kept asking me to do another. So here we are J. It only took me two maybe two and half days to finish the first draft (about 11 or so hours of writing time). A good 3 of the hours of writing had to be repeated because Microsoft word decided to fuck me by crashing after I wrote 3 pages. THEN it decided to not recover the file. It was a pretty hectic moment. Luckily, through destroying little kids on League of Legends, I have trained to keep my mental dialed in and stay focused to achieve my goal. After 10 minutes of self-meditation and a cup of orange juice, I rewrote the three pages even better than before.


I followed the same writing process followed by the editing exchange of Mandy-Britt-Myself-Mandy. Britt got his shit in gear this time and didn’t take a month to do his thing. In the end, another one of my babies was delivered to the public. Isn’t she lovely?

Lastly,   I included Easter eggs in this session as well as the previous. What are Easter eggs? They are hidden or obvious references to well anything. In the Labor Day chapter, I altered the lyrics to Drakes song HYFR “get the fuck up out my face asking me questions like….Do you love this shit? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous?” NOBODY caught it and told me. Anyway, here is a cheat sheet list.

****Potential spoiler alert****


  • Chocolate bars
  • Two Kanye West singles
  • T.I. quote
  • What I call myself when I do something stupid
  • My first _____ sequence that I spent time researching how to write.
  • My favorite beverage
  • A woman that I am smitten with disguised as a desert/sweet.
  • Euro trip quote
  • The moment I actually get in the zone.
  • Another article of clothing that I bought.

-Venandi Leon


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