After the suns descent, my body begins to feel the chills. The foreign rush of energy makes me feel anxious and minutes begin to turn into seconds and seconds turn into hours. The darkness of the night soon becomes illuminated by the deep blue stair case. Wearing pretty indigo jeans and a vivid striped tangerine colored top, she walks down the stairs teasing my eyes. Each step is an elegant pressing of piano keys and gives her the illusion of walking on water. “Hi there,” I say while taking her hand. She returns with a smile and drops the line, “I’ve always wanted to have fun with you!”

“They say that you Texans are a good shot,” she tells me with curiosity in her eyes. “I’m a winner, if that’s what you’re wondering,” I respond with a confident smile. “Show me then.” We walk to the shooting gallery down the pier and I examine the prizes on the rafters. The 4 foot bear looks cute; I think she would like it. The attendant working the stand approaches with a sinister smile. “You have seven shots. Hit five bullseyes to win a prize,” he states while handing me a BB rifle. I raise the rifle and aim down the sights at the targets. Each target is farther back than the first and the last target has a metal panel that blocks the bullseye periodically. As I focus on the targets, the colors begin to swirl in a hypnosis circle. The first four shots sound off a high pitched ping as I hit each bullseye. How sweet her smile will be after I win this bear for her. However, my fifth shot completely misses as I break focus. “Counting your chickens before they hatch eh?” The attendant chastises me. She places her hand on my back and says, “Don’t fret, we can do this together. I only need one shot.” I hand the rifle to her and she takes aim at the final target. “She means business!” the attendant says with laugh. “If you hit the target on this shot, I’ll throw in an accessory with your prize.”  The familiar high pitch ping rings through my ears. “We will be taking that bear on the left, please. With the shiny infinity ribbon.”

I put the bear on my shoulders as we continue to walk down the pier. “Show off!” I tease her while I touch her hair. “You think so?” she winks. “Guess you’re rubbing off on me.” “Careful now, you’re playing with fire,” we flirt back and forth. Stopping at the tall carnival mirrors, I take a deep breath while examining myself. The reflection in the mirror began to breathe and act on its own. My hair was completely blown out and had a wild flair to it. My outfit was modest for the day, bred 4’s, skinny jeans, black shirt, and a white hooded jacket. When I smiled, my bottom grill glistened as the gold reflected off the lights. She is looking at me. Turning around, we view each other through a mirror. She smiles that wonderful smile at me and it makes me want her to smile more. With another wave of energy, I dance in the mirror and she laughs hysterically. I would take a photo, but I don’t want to miss any of this smile. I take off my jacket as I walk to her and help her put it on. The blush on her face soothes my nerves. “The bears name is Care Bear,” she tells me while taking my arm.


I stood in awe at the massive Ferris wheel in front of us. The wheel’s radiant lights danced in the darkness like a funky guitar solo. Each note was not only euphoric eye show, but a rapid pulse through my body. We are going to be really high, I’m glad I can experience the peak with you. She takes my hand and leads me into our cabin. She sits across from me as the wheel gradually raises us many feet in the air. I’m sure the view looked great, but she was the only thing I wanted to admire. The curvature of your lips, the arrangement of your teeth, your blue and green eyes. Your bright maroon aura is intoxicating. She leans over and presses her lips on mine. Our tongues give a quick hello before she sits back down. “What are you thinking behind those eyes?” she asked me.  “You’re glowing,” I calmly respond. “This is the way you make me feel.”


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