The craziness of the dancing lights on massive buildings was a sight to behold. You could hardly realize the night by how almost every inch of the sky was lit. Even so, the dazzling spectacle is drowned out by her allure. She looks miraculous in her black dress under the bright city lights. Looking at me with her sunflower eyes while drinking her whisky neat, she knew I was under her spell. Did you know that kiss would haunt me like this? Two can play this way. “I want to play the guitar tonight,” I tell her warmly. She produces a light blush and I think I have her. “You could probably turn pro,” she fires back so wittily that I nearly spill water from my mouth while laughing.  “Let’s go up,” I suggest to her. She takes my hand and we proceed to the elevator.

As the elevator rises, her hand gracefully moves up my back and the softness of her touch caresses my neck. Instantly, I can feel my heart beat through my chest and each pulse is a loud thump through my ears. The people below us turn into tiny sized ants and each pair appeared to be having a dance off. The city lights, although were wild before, explode into an absolute frenzy that feed my own adrenaline thirst. Do you know what you’re doing to me? Turning to face her, she winks at me while her own excitement tries to escape from her sly smirk. Definitely.

When I open the bedroom door, she flirtingly calls me over to the bed. I take my time walking over and I can see the anticipation building in her eyes. She bites her lip as I approach her and prepares for the spell I am about to put her under. Welcome to the show. Seeing her lying next to me was all the pleasure I needed. Her eyes do all the talking now and I know what she wants. My breaths become shorter as euphoria rushes through my veins, clinching my teeth just to subdue my own eagerness. I become the master musician and her body was a delicate instrument that I know very well.

She lets out soft moans as I taste her neck, her breasts and navel. Her legs jolt with energy as my tongue moves to her thighs. The moans grow louder as I caress her lips and lick her sweetness. I start off with a slow melody, long chords and soft notes. As I look up, her hands are clutching the bed covers, her eyes are closed and she alternates from biting her lip to grasping for air as if she was stealing it back. And now the solo.

The sharpness and quickened pace catches her off guard and she begins to falsetto my name. Well the neighbors know who I am now. One hand, grasping the covers holding on for dear life, the other hand runs through my hair, grabbing and then releasing. I take the rush head on, but I can barely feel my face. “Damn girl,” I tell her not realizing how much of a mess we have made. “Guess we have to change the sheets.”

Suddenly, the phone rings and I have a feeling this is the call. The call I am dreading. “Hello?” she answers almost out of breath. “Tomorrow? Yes, I’m coming. Thanks!” she hangs up the phone and turns to me. The piercing gaze she laid on me sent a chill down my spine. I knew what was happening, I had even tried to prepare mentally, but nothing could prevent this. I am becoming hopeless and my reality was setting in.

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Editor: Amanda Greigo