Goodbye Chad



So this is goodbye Chad. I can remember the first time I met you; I made fun of how much your gums showed when you laughed. You immediately got in my face and started to laugh hysterically. I started to laugh as well. I thought you were strange, weird, abnormal… me.


We clicked because we understood each other before we even got to know one another. We wanted to have fun. We wanted people around us to have fun. To be happy and share laughs. To talk to ANY person and make their day better. To converse with a stranger and leave them thinking “You are my new best friend”. To show empathy to a troubled kid or to hug a mother on first acquaintance. You effortlessly transcended yourself into our hearts.


People are really broken about your death. Some can’t find the words to express their grief, some are posting old photos (I’m guilty of that one too), and some are crying behind their keyboards. I cannot shed a single tear for you. Any thought of you only makes me feel joy and laugh. There is a long list of shit you have done that still cracks me up to this day. Literally laughing as I write this. I am not wearing black at the funeral because I am not mourning- it’s a celebration of your life. Every memory of you is hilarious, warm-hearted or unpredictably insane. I am happy that I had a lot of experiences and travel meets with you growing up, even if we got in trouble for this or that. Even though we have fucked up a lot, we still fought our fight. The fight people do not understand. You never needed a spotlight to be the brightest one in the room or a degree to show your brilliance. The brightest stars burn out the fastest but I will carry the torch-I will continue the fight.


The only unfortunate ones are the people who never got to meet you. So this is goodbye Chad.