Behind the Madness: New God Flow

The New God Flow session was my actual labor day experience on September 7th, 2015. I have heard that the story was “clinically insane, crazy, epic, unbelievable..ect” and that is a small part of my everyday life. This was my first session of my book that I plan on writing and I am happy to receive the responses that followed. I wanted to touch base on some of the creative process of the post.

After the craziness had died down, I sent a few friends a big text of what happened to me that day. They thought the episode was so funny and epic that I should write a book. Something that I knew I was going to do months ago. Although, since this chapter was pretty awesome, I decided to write it out.

After the first draft was completed, I sent it to my editor Mandy, to correct mistakes that I made. Then I sent it to Britt, who took his time reading, editing, and making notes on what I should expand on. So thank him or blame for the reason this post came out over a month later :p.

Eventually the post returned to my possession and I went back to work. When I finished, I sent the blog back to Mandy for one last look over before it went live. The day before I released the blog, I was full of adrenaline and bouncing off the walls. A feeling that I very seldom get but when I do, I know im about to rock the fuck out of what im about to do.

In short, this session is my baby, my first born, my first post, and pretty significant to me. Yet, I still have more episodes of my life to tell, and I hope that this post has made you hungry for more to come.

Peace out

-Venandi Leon/coach daddie/ Kerrington


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