PSA 1500


Hello everybody, it has been a long time! I hope everyone is having a good summer because I am. It has been a long time since I have written anything on the blog so I am going to give a couple updates and random things. So without further ado, here is the 1500 hit PSA!

The River blog has been dammed up since December and I am sorry-that is the only apology any of you will get from me. Even so, we are 10 hits away from 1500 views and I couldn’t be happier about reaching that goal- considering I was only expecting to get 500 views in a year. I know I said the next written chapter was going to be “Back in The Water” and I was giving insight on my former depression from years ago. However, that chapter is just well….hard to get how I want it. I promise it will come out, just not now. Instead, I am skipping forward to the immediate months after depression when I was coming back into reality. The next chapter is called “The Party” and is written in three parts (Tarantino Style). I am very freaking excited for people to read this because I was very fucking happy and people around me were stepping up their game to keep up with my vibes. It felt like anything that I touched turned into gold, anyone that I talked to felt inspired, and everyday felt like a movie. I was doing me and I was on fire.

Speaking of that fire, nostalgia has creeped up on me as I feel those pulsing waves beating in my body again. The past few weeks have been routine and normal. Nothing out of the ordinary, same shit different day pretty much. Randomly, In the midst of these ordinary ass days, I realized that there was an elephant in every room; me. For so the past few months, I have tried to be low key, blend in,  keep to myself, be inconspicuous, ect, just to give myself space. However, in my attempt to “fit in”, I am actually transitioning to standing out (Say whats real). This summer, has been a rediscovery of uniqueness and individuality, a renaissance of my former self, the rebirth of the phoenix, a return to normalcy. I have been waking up feeling so good about myself even when things are not going well. Ive been making sure that people around me are having a good time too because it’s more fun that way. Even with people that I don’t know, I have gone out of my way to lend a helping hand, or try to say something to make them laugh (I am not funny btw). Keeping this mentality has made me feel really good every day, and I am dripping with confidence. I got my swagger back!! I met a certain lady and we vibed really fucking hard. I wouldn’t say that I put a lot of attention into women, but she was really cool and I knew that as soon as I got her number, she was going to feel a certain way about me because of how good I have been feeling. Unfortunately, I had my first experience dealing with an EX boyfriend and I can say that he isn’t a fan of K Hill haha. Even though, it was a bummer that things ended as fast as they started, I believe she realized my uniqueness (im weird) and individuality and we stopped talking with mutual admiration for each other.

In short, these past few weeks I have been feeling a way that I have not felt in a long time. I am ready to chase my dream….once I figure out what it is…. And go all out for it.

Last few random things that have been pretty inspiring.

  • Cavs winning the NBA championship after being down 3-1 is pretty incredible
  • Jon Snow in Game of Thrones becoming King in The North made me clap my hands for 10 minutes straight. I love that character from the Books to TV show.
  • Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen making the Olympic Team in Swimming!
  • And I bought a scratch off ticket for $10 before I finished writing this and won $25.


Thank for reading my rant! Ill have “The Party” out pretty soon stay tuned.