Public Service Announcement: Between the Banners

Hey everybody, I’m back for the first time and with friends! I must say, I’ve been feeling amazing lately and it is time I put my adrenaline to pen and paper (well…wordpress actually). Before I get to me, I wanted to talk about the D-Y-N-A-S-T-Y that is THE University of TEXAS’ Swimming & Diving program.


I know that everyone watching the meet was getting those Amber Alerts on their phone from the nationwide search of competition. Did they forget their lunch? Where was their A game? Did anyone want to stop the 3-Peat? (Plays Lil Wayne 3 Peat) Three consecutive National Championships. Let that sink in. The first time I saw the tower lit was after Vince Young ran it in on 4th and 5. Back then I didn’t understand exactly what lighting the tower meant, just that it looks cool. The tower is way deeper than that, its about being a part of something way bigger than yourself. To light the tower for three consecutive years is flat out incredible. Whenever the term 3 Peat was mentioned,


I used to only think of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls from the 90’s. This feat however, will argue was more dominant and impressive than what Jordan accomplished. In fact, after the first day of the swim meet I came back to a very important principle; the fiercest competition you will face is yourself. As insanely fast as that meet was, the attention of the Longhorns was not on the some kid from Berkley about to get his ass kicked. The focus was on besting personal times, repeating individual titles, lowering records set the year before, and racing the thrill of racing the brother in Burnt Orange.

shit on them

This is not from 2017, but that is the Championship final for the 100 Fly. I get chills just looking at it, imagine how they felt to be a part of that race.

How did this dynasty come to form? I refer to a period called between the banners (2011-2014). swim_center_pano_h1004aMany mistakes were made during this time period and I myself definitely did not uphold my end.Untitled.png

That’s another story though for a different time. All the mistakes and fucking up this way or another, brought Eddie many sleepless nights and embarrassment. I believe these types of events can make or break a person. Instead of putting the fork down when the plate had too much food, he finished and came back hungrier. That attitude is contagious and if you ever went to one of their practices you would understand.


It’s always darkest before the dawn, and the dawn is here now. Congrats on the dynasty my friends, the color of royalty is Burnt Orange.the pic

So it’s my turn now. I remember my final day in the locker room, I told many of the 2015 class that “I would become better”. That is what I have tried to do every year and it’s been a slippery slope with highs and lows. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or how to play the hand I was dealt. However, in the couple months of 2017, I am already surpassing myself from the past 3 years combined! I have set the bar extremely fucking high for myself and I know I can achieve every goal that I have set. Since a kid, I always set my expectations higher than what my parents, coaches, or peers pushed on me. I needed the pressure, I thrived in it. So the pressure is back on, and moves will continue to be made this year. ( I know that’s all pretty vague, ill elaborate as I progress this year maybe. 😉 )


Okay, now for what I have on the way. Tomorrow, I am releasing my first session of the year! It’s actually one big story written in two separate sessions: Baptized in Fire and Girls Born in the 90’s. My friend Glasco will be featured in this piece as we get into shenanigans from this past New Year’s Eve. On top of that, I have many other works on the way that I will be releasing this year. I won’t say one is better than the other, I want each one of my writings to give you a different experience. I know i’ve been lacking on putting work out there but I won’t let you down anymore. I’m tired of scrolling down my news feed to see one conspiracy story after another or seeing people getting so upset in meme comments, or women showing ass or showing cleavage just to get likes on the gram. For real, even the video skits are just women in tights and a camera close up. Im tired of that shit. So im back for the first time with some heat. Ill catch yall tomorrow at the release. Peace.


P.S. If this PSA made you feel some type of way, take a shot for me.

*No editor was used on this post so its a lil rough*