Eventually I will write a book/s and sessions are chapters that I will release on this blog. Each session is written from my first person point of view on some dumb shit that I got into. I occasionally write with bold italic words to emphasize my inner thoughts at that moment too. The way I think is crucial so keep up :). I consider the sessions to be my most major projects and I try to make them as entertaining and insightful as I can.

I have always been open minded on many different topics, ideas, music, shows, cultures or whatever you name it. Being this open minded has helped me understand people and overall helped my art. In terms of writing, here are some of my major influences:

  • George R.R. Martin- I have read all of the released Game of Thrones books and I love them. So much that i have tried to base my writing style off of his. First person pov and the use of inner thoughts.
  • Cowboy Bebop: One of my favorite Animes (Japanese Cartoons) and one of the highest rated animes of all time. Each episode is called a Session and the title is usually named after a famous song or jazz type genre title. I have tried to match that with songs that I listen to or have a strong relation to what happens in the story im writing. I.E: Girls born in the 90’s a song by The Weeknd, in my session I encounter many different women and each of them has their own allure and brings something to the table.
  • I am a big fan of psychology and I try to add a lot of personality and color into the characters in my stories. Occasionally you will even see me analyzing or pushing buttons on people :).
  • I really like darker themes, such as isolation, drugs (dont do drugs kids), but I also enjoy euphoric sensations like crazy synths and drops in music, drugs (dont do drugs kids). Sometimes, my writing will have that darker feel to it but randomly switch to a pulsing wavy feel later. I try to mix it up.

Anyway, enjoy the sessions as well as my other works.

-Everybody love everybody